The Townhomes of Paradise Park Owners Association, Inc

PO Box 033871

Indialantic, FL 32903

August 8, 2020

THOPP Status Report

THOPP Policies Update: 

Your board obtained a templated Pet Policy and Architectural Policy from our lawyers. We have tailored the documents, taking into consideration suggestions submitted by owners, to meet the needs of our community. Attached are the Policies your Board has adopted for immediate implementation and we request you become familiar with these policies.

We are asking those with pets (owners/tenants) to please complete the Pet Registration Form and submit it to the Board no later than October 1, 2020. This form may be mailed to our PO Box or submitted to the address attention THOPP Secretary.

Landscape Update: 

If you have plants on your front or back patio area, the plants MUST be kept trimmed back and away from the building and the interior patio walls by a minimum of 6 inches from the walls. Your Board has completed a “walk around” and notified owners who need to trim back their foliage. Each owner is responsible to ensure there is no damage to the building due to overgrowth of foliage or that a path is not being provided for roof rats (which is the owner’s responsibility to remedy if there is activity). 

We understand the desire to have new shrubs planted and believe we are now at a point that we can start addressing the missing shrubs. We will begin with the front of the units to ensure the “curb appeal” is improved first and foremost. As funds allow we will fill in the blank areas and then work on the backside of buildings.

Irrigation Update: 

The irrigation system continues to be checked monthly and repairs are made as found. We have had to replace the pump on the East side of the community. 

If you see a “gusher” or sprinkler not functioning properly please notify a Board member or email Please be as specific as possible when reporting issues. We have obtained an irrigation zone map of the property which assists the Board in quickly identifying reported issues to our technician.

Some reminders: 

  • If you are new to our community, welcome to THOPP. As you are aware this is a Deed Restricted development and we have summarized the highlights of the governing documents and policies in the attached Rules & Regulations as an easy reference. 
  • If you rent your unit we ask each homeowner to please provide basic information to the Board of Directors for your tenants (Names, Lease dates, Vehicles (Make/model/license plate), and agreement to our Rules & Regulations). We have created an easy one page form to be completed and signed by the tenant and owner of the unit. For those that use management companies, please ensure they have a copy of this documentation for submission to the Association. We recommend this paperwork is completed at the time of Lease signing to ensure everyone understands the Rules & Regulations of our community to prevent potential conflicts. For those who have already submitted your tenants forms, thank you. If you need a copy of the form please let us know and we will provide one.
  • Contractors hired by the Board to work on the property are not authorized to take direction from unit owners. It is the Boards responsibility to maintain the property and the exterior of the buildings. We ask owners to please report issues to a Board member or email Please be as specific as possible when reporting issues. Please do not report issues to contractors as they are not responsible for reporting issues from homeowners to the Board.

Thank you all for your patience as we work through the numerous issues presented and resolve them as quickly as we can. 

For the Board of Directors,

Wanda Cordelli
THOPP President